Busselton City and Surrounds

Busselton is one of the most pleasant cities we have ever visited in one of the nicest locations on the planet. Busselton boasts the longest jetty in the southern hemisphere yet has much more to explore.

Beautiful City Life

Busselton is beautiful.  

For a city of over 20,000 it always seems like a little park-like seaside town.

It seems to be always clean, the public areas always neat and well kept. 

The city is easy to get around by car, and very easy to navigate as a pedestrian.

When Visiting Busselton

Set on the edge of the Indian Ocean this pretty city has plenty to offer both in the way of natural beauty and man made attractions.

The world famous Busselton Jetty captures your attention and imagination and provides an exquisite backdrop to the white sandy beaches. The rocks, caves and forest of the region are all close by.

Busselton is also a city and caters for many tastes and has access to national chains and supplies. It is a bustling seaside city.

Foreshore & Observatory

The Busselton Jetty is home to the underwater observatory which provides a window to the ocean world that most people only get to dream about. That is located about 2 kilometres offshore. 

Just onshore are picnic benches under the towering fig trees and Norfolk pines, known as the Busselton Foreshore.

The Jetty Foreshore is a great place for kids too. There is a clean, gently sloping white sandy beach with plenty of facilities if needed. There are many parks along the seaside to keep kid's climb-and-jump urges satisfied.

Wonderful Family Destination

Busselton is a wonderful place to come for a family holiday. There are many natural locations within easy driving distance, the shoreline is beautiful, and there is a distinct beachside feel to this beautiful city.

One of the things we enjoy most about Busselton is the cleanliness and beauty of the city itself. Somehow the city has retained a laid back atmosphere while expanding into a bustling city. 

The city itself is well laid out, with beautiful architecture yet retains the integrity of a history shaped by Geographe Bay.  Almost all of Busselton is within walking distance of everywhere else.  It is a beautiful stroll up through the centre of town along Queen Street to the Busselton Jetty and Busselton visitors centre. 

The city is also easy to navigate by car and has quick access to all of the major routes north to Bunbury, west to Dunsborough and south to Margaret River.

The Busselton Foreshore

The Foreshore north and south of Busselton Jetty is lined with parks, biking trails, walking trails, and of course – the beach!  

The Busselton Jetty is a fantastic place to visit with beautiful swimming areas, eating and dining, play parks, walking and biking trails, and of course the longest jetty in the southern hemisphere.

We highly always enjoy our food from Equinox cafe just south of the Busselton Jetty. A large tree-canopied park with cycle-friendly locking make this THE place to come when visiting Busselton. 

Go Beneath The Waves! 

The Interpretive Centre at the start of the Jetty is the place to book tickets on the Jetty train, to walk along the Jetty and to get into the Underwater Observatory at the Jetty's end.  

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND visiting the Jetty and Underwater Observatory as they're both fascinating, educational and stimulating. 

Great for all ages.  Seriously, go here. 

Bustling Hub of the South

The lifestyle Busselton provides brings many tourists from "up north" as well as flocks of exquisite white cockatoos (where most places have seagulls).

You might catch a game of volleyball on the beach or hear a game of tennis on the numerous seaside courts. 

Swim in the safe pontoon jetty, take a stroll, or watch the fishermen.

The Port Geographe Marina is home to a plethora of plush yachts and boats. Boats are moored both in the Marina itself and in the surrounding waters.

There are many sitting areas and benches around Mitchell Park in the centre of the city, and the green grassy area is well lit even at night. 

A pagoda pavilion offer some respite from the midday sun as well as the surrounding trees.

There are also excellent toilet facilities which border the car park. 

Attractions in & Around Busselton:

Busselton Foreshore

Busselton Foreshore
The Busselton Foreshore is one of the nicest developed foreshores we have ever experienced. The Busselton Jetty, the Tourist Information, a cafe and public amenities along the foreshore is buffered from the CBD by parks and green open space. Perfect for enjoying the beauty of Geographe Bay. Visit Busselton Foreshore

Busselton Jetty

Busselton Jetty
At 1841 metres the Busselton Jetty offers an unprescedented opportunity to walk almost two kilometers out into Geographe Bay. The Busselton Jetty also has an underwater observatory which was built to take you beneath the waves of Geographe Bay. Visit Busselton Jetty

Underwater Observatory

Underwater Observatory
The Busselton Underwater Observatory at the end of the Busselton Jetty is one of the hilights of visiting the northern Margaret River Region. Get a glimpse of the marine life close up and personal with a guided tour beneath the waves of Geographe Bay. Extraordinary. Visit Underwater Observatory

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